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Sunday, 29 September 2013 @ 13:22
The Engagement
First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who came to my mini-big day. It wasn't suppose to be a big event but syukur alhamdulilah the turn out was good. The food was good - 'coz the head chef was my grandmother and my mother.

It was held at my place and I understand that many came but didn't managed to get inside to take photo with me because of the crowd. Tak tau lah plak my family is like super big. Nak cakap jalan card, card pon tak bikin. hehe.

After 8 years of dating, we finally decide that we are ready. I don't deny - we had too many ups and downs while being together (yes, ade breakup in between) but alhamdulilah jodoh takkan ke mana.

The engagement preparation is more of a DIY thingy. Food was prepared by the two awesome cook mentioned earlier, the gubahan was done by my brother-in-law's mother. We didn't buy any dulang or kain - we basically re-use whatever my first sister's wedding theme colour to our engagement theme colour!
The berkat was bought in Johor that one only cannot recycle. haha.. The engagement dress, yes I feeling very princess when I tried it on, was purchased from lulu-alhadad.

Let me tell you more about this beautiful clothing. Many actually asked me where did I purchased this Royal yellow sequin dress - yes now that you've known - It's from LuluAlhadad evening dress collection. 

It was love at the first sight! When i saw Norfasarie wearing this dress in tiffany blue, I had jitter in my belly. It was too beautiful to resist. Fiance was very kind-hearted (after lots of pleading) he agreed to pay for the dress! 

Initially the dress was sleeveless and of course it wasn't appropriate according to our customary. I did a little tweaking, walked around Arab Street and found the perfect colour! Right after that this beautiful dress was sent for tailoring  (mini-makeover) and added in the sleeve!

Even norfasarie was in love with the colour. But i love the tiffany blue that she wore, better. But never the less this Royal Yellow looks beautiful too!

My makeup artist was pippin emerald. I bet many of you would have already hear of her name somewhere. A woman who's crazy good in makeup. Her details on things are crazy. You can find her on facebook too!

This is her newly created page - or you can simply type in her name Pippin Emerald and walaaahh! you'll be able to find her. I told Pippin specifically that i do not want anything harsh. I want it to look as natural as possible. I don't want to look as though i'm putting on 10kg of makeup on my face because I want to look different on my wedding day. Seriously, nanti kalau your makeup on your wedding day and tunang same as in very tebal - people won't see the difference at all.Kan defeats the whole purpose of makeup!

The photographer was a good buddy of mine - a person whom i got to know along this journey. Thanks to my wonderful friend, Julia, who introduced me to him. Me being me told Amino(the photographer name),
that i wanted something simple and don't edit too much. I want the whole feel of it to be there.Honestly, I felt he did a great job in fulfilling my wants. You can find Phat's Gallery Inc in facebook!Did i mention that their price is extremely affordable and he throw in lots of free goodies for you too!

Here are some of pippin's and Phat's gallery work on my mini big day

My engagement cake was baked by the one and only BatterMischief. Batter Mischief is a fresh and trendy one-stop bakery in your neighbourhood. Kak June was very nice and she listens to you. She macam kire you cakap lah macam mane you nak, nanti she will design it for you. Talented kan, so jealous!
You can find Batter Mischief on facebook.

This is my engagement cake. Fiance and I order from her because fiance was sold was she designed the cupcake with his bike logo on it. As for me, the oozing chocolate and the kit-kat sealed it. It was a chocolate heaven if there's any.

Why same design and flavour - So that kite dua tak berebot. Pandai kan (:

I had a wonderful day and managed to catch up with my long lost friends who came down for the engagement. If you were to ask me on the amount that I spend for my engagement - i think it's below 2K. Banyak DIY and being sponsored by my siblings and cousins. I cut cost like a lot!

The only expensive things on our tray (we exchanged 7 tray) - was my birthday present DKNY handbang and wallet, Oakley Valentino Rossi Limited Edition Shades, his riding shoe - which I don't like the design at all, but Fiance love it so much and the Engagement ring from Citigem.

So ya - Till then!

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