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Tuesday, 19 November 2013 @ 21:00
Sourcing out for the right one
Dear brides-to-be,

This is a disclaimer to all. Don't take it that I am an expert. I'm just like you - A bride planning for my own wedding and sharing with all of you. I am not paid to blog about any company. I'm doing this based on my own research. While reading this blog, you must always keep in mind that this serves as a guideline, guideline aje tao. Jangan ikot habis-habis. Everything that I write here are based on my personal research and experiences from friends and of course friends recommendation too. I do not know everything but I am willing to share everything that I know, So ade difference eh! Again I emphasize here that my blog is just a guideline.

My budget and your budget varies. My cheap might be expensive to you. My expensive might be cheap to you - so in other words, budget can be very subjective in this matter.So you can continue to read on if you understand all the disclaimer that I've made.

Till then.

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