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Thursday, 26 December 2013 @ 22:43
Bridal Chamber
Sighs. It has been a very long week. The brain is almost dead, especially in terms of marking the beloved students homework. Ironically, I have the sudden urge to blog about a conversation that happens last few days. Bridal chamber or bilik pengantin, known by many.

Actually I don't even want to decorate my room and turn it into bridal chamber. I finds it a waste of money actually. I planned to have the akad nikah under the void deck so there's no need to decorate the room right? Everyone gonna be downstairs and i'll be on the dais while the akad nikah is taking place - BUT the mother INSISTED that the bridal chamber MUST be up.


Her stand was "tak senonoh kan kalau bilik pengantin takde! Abeh takkan tak nak amek gambar kat dalam bilik."

Seriously part mane yang tak senonoh seh. It's just a bilik pengantin.Fine! Dah malas nak bertekak panjang and with a  tak tao malu face - You sponsor me lah. *hoping that she say no thus changing her mind*. Skali the mother agree. Habis lah plan akuuu~

But on the bright-side, She's sponsoring my bridal chamber and gubahan! YEAAAHH! We switched on the lappy and started browsing. Preferably we wanted someone who can do the bridal chamber and the gubahan together, takmo leceh-leceh lah kan.

So we found this company called 'Our Midas Touch' - heard of it before. If i'm not wrong they actually sponsored the story 'Dol and Minah nak Khawin' - acting from Aaron Aziz and Jasmine Hamid.

 Okay, back on track.. They actually have a few variation and here are some of the pictures

I'm someone who doesn't really like the trendy kind of gubahan - I'm still very skeptical on going very western. I prefer something that reflects my budaya. Why should I be be malu kan? Nothing against those who love the trendy gubahan nowadays.

As the saying goes - 


This can only happens if you (yes, you and me) uphold this beautiful tradition. Cantik pe songket melayu! 

& so the mother made her arrangement and did the booking for my bridal chamber and gubahan with the help of my second sister who liase with them through e-mail. Biase lah mother saya bukan lah IT savy sangat. 

But thank you Mother!

Till then!

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