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Saturday, 11 January 2014 @ 04:00
Wedding Fever: Bridal - Grandeur Fai by G5 Events Pte Ltd
Ahhhhh... After month and months of planning after the engagement, we managed to settle on our bridal for the big day. Fine, it's more like I've been having this bridal in my mind since the day i know that i'm getting married someday. HEH~

I've been a great and prolly the biggest fan of Abg Fai Bani's makeup. He's such an inspiration. I'm thankful to know quite a handful of people in this 'khawin-khawin' industry thus making my sourcing out for the best out of the best for my wedding day a smooth-flowing one. Not trying to boast, but my resources are the ones you've always heard off and they are good - like super good!

Credits to Grandeur Fai Facebook

One of his signature makeup that NOBODY can copy is his Botox Cheekbone. I do not know how he does it but he is terlalu skilled in that! His tangan is extremely magical. Dah macam magicwand - Wahh suddenly cantik gitu!

I need people like him to beautify my tak cantik face - so that i can get (maybe) one or two skipped heartbeat, when i look into the mirror and see myself suddenly macam cantik gitu! 

Ohhh wait - the day before, Yesterday I went for a food-tasting at one of SMR wedding place, over at Chai Chee Road and it was love at first sight. I'll explain more later part. Here's the sneakpeek from the wedding - whoever that wedding was - it was freaking awesome. The decor was also from SMR!

 Right after the food-tasting, headed down to Singapore Expo and I was happily finding for Grandeur Fai but it was not available. Called Abg Fai up and found out that he's having a private exhibition over at his place.

And guess what - Me being kiasu, yes even my fiance can't stand me when it comes to the bridal part, coz' he almost gave up halfway walking around with me. I caught fiance rolling his eyes at me twice for being very choosy and too detailed today. Jahat kan dia! Sorry lah sayang - Can't help it, who doesn't want the best for your big day right? Lucky thing he got his best-friend to accompany him! I texted Abg Fai and booked an appointment the very next day, which is today!

Fiance fetched me from the house and straight to Abg Fai's place and guess what - I punya lah confident, tak nak tengok address, we ended up at the wrong floor! Pressed the bell a few times, lucky thing the owner didn't open the door. If not - Paiseh sangat-sangat!

I was basically blown away the moment i stepped into Abg Fai's apartment. It was WOW!!! No other words to describe the feeling. His hospitality was tip-top. Fiance who was very shy at first and EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL also started to loosen up.

So as per normal we went through our process of seeing the portfolio etc,etc - and i was like screaming in my heart - please sayang please agree! Pleasssseeeee!

We shook hands with Abg Fai and went off : The first thing that came out from my fiance mouth was

"I love his makeup and I like this bridal ... I think we know who should we take for our big day already" I happy sangat-sangat! I was literally screaming in the lift, too excited - overdosed!

I'm all geared up for my proper formal signing agreement with Grandeur Fai.
Seriously who says Grandeur Fai was expensive? Seriously people. Look at the bigger picture - he throw in lots of free goodies for the bride and groom which I think is very much fair. The groom gets to keep the wedding suit which is tailored made and the bride gets a free wedding heels, which is to die for! / or maybe a free trial makeup.

I would highly recommend the heels coz' why would you want a free trial makeup when you know his makeup is crazy good? You get what i mean?

I'll update more when we've already sign the agreement with Grandeur Fai next week!

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