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Sunday, 12 January 2014 @ 14:55
Wedding Fever: Catering by SMR
Part two.

This is one of the most difficult part of all. It's not that we are fussy or anything as such, its just that my family (late grandpa and my grandma) used to be tukang masak for orang khawin you see, so my parents kinda pick up some skills from both of them and they are very particular on the taste, especially my dad.

So anything that taste good on my dad taste butt, means it's really good. My grandma better still - she's able to tell what is inside the dish just by tasting a little bit. Seriously? How on earth did they do it? I remember on incident very clearly, my late grandpa and grandma last catering service they did for one of my relatives, by that time they wanted to retire due to old age, not 1 or 2 but 3 Chinese couple who happens to live in that block where the event was held, came to the kitchen with their own plate and asked them whether is it okay if they buy some of the food from us 'bcoz the smell was on calling them to come down and have a taste of the awesome food and so that they couldn't resist it. They are even willing to pay $10.00 for one plate of briyani.

But of course, my late grandpa declined and told them to feel free and eat the food that's available. They can pass the money the the mother of the bride, plus there's more than enough food for everyone.

Moments later they came back to the kitchen and complimented my grandparents for the awesome food.

"Uncle, I don't really like briyani, but your briyani is one kind. It's very nice, you happen to have a shop anywhere?" - asked the man.

My late grandpa had a little chat and the couples went off. It's the air tangan you see. I can cook but i don't think i'll be as good as my grandparents are.

Back to my catering, remember in my previous post, I posted some photos of us (fiance and I) going for a food tasting with SMR? Yeah, it was our 131473579275 food-tasting and it sealed it!

The thing about me is I'm not a fan of briyani but the fiance is. I'm more to the white-rice kinda girl when it comes to malay weddings. Took different dishes to taste and it was tip-top. The sweet and sour dory fish was crispy, the sauce had this sweet and a little sourish taste(tomato-like) on the taste butt. The daging masak briyani was the best among all. The beef was at a perfect state that you don't need to chew and chew. It was soft and blends well with the rempah-rempah.

Kak Radiah - the owner/director of the company was very nice. She guided us through the food-tasting unlike some catering company, ade ke orang datang food tasting, they gave us packed food? So the experience with SMR was a totally different one. The hospitality was great! I really felt appreciated when she actually explain the different variation that her catering company are able to offer us. I think it was the best that we've went to so far.

Just a little history of SMR: They have been in this catering and decor industry for 13 years. They've built a good and established their reputation well and making it one of the leading catering/decor company in Singapore. You can visit http://www.smrwedding.sg/ to know more about them

A little extra effort goes a long-mile.

I'll update more on the signing of agreement next week! I'll blog more on the details of the packages that i'll be taking and the price breakdown. Read the blog soon brides-to-be!

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