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Monday, 3 February 2014 @ 09:04
A place called home - Our upcoming BTO home

This good news comes after our engagement. At first, our ballot number exceeded but thanks to the ethnic quota, we managed to selit-selit and dapat lah invitation to this exercise.

Now that we are a few weeks away from the invitation date, I've been logging-in into HDB website and check out the availability status like. Alhamdulilah, so far the block and unit that we are looking at semua masih available, which hopefully it stays as it is till our selection date. Amin.

So biasa lah - I memang excited/kiasu, oh well, korang nanti dah ade rumah or apply for one, you mesti paham what I mean. You tend to check out a lot of things, including a site visit - padahal you know that place baru aje nak start korek-korek. 

 These are some of the 3D model available at the showroom. The painting a little bit tak cantik lah - not my kind of colour but takpe lah, every 5 years, ade orang will re-paint the whole flat mah~

My main priority when it comes to buying a flat boils down to 3 factors:
1) Is it accessible to my family members? Senang carik ke tak?
2) Is it near a shop or any amenities?
3) Will there be any school in time to come for my child, insyallah.

According to my survey, it's about 10 minutes walk to Khatib MRT station which means it's not that far. There's a bus stop right infront of the block with feder bus service - which i forsee myself NOT taking if i had to squeeze myself in between, especially during the peak period. I rather walk and burn fats, Chey! macam paham. Ade chance laki yang kena hantar. Oh sayaaaaaaannng~

Besides these 3D models, I'm kinda excited when i see the Non-optional Components that was offered. The colour macam cantik gitu - kinda suit the theme that fiance and I are going for. Macam tau aje HDB ni.

and the optional components that was offered - errrmm, okay lah not bad jugak lah the colour.

I've yet to do calculation which fiance on the payment breakdown. Eversince we're engaged, our weekends are spent by talking about the wedding preparation and the BTO house appointment. The Dos and Dont's.
Debating whether I should be working after getting pregnant, insyallah. Ikut kan hati sape nak keje oi, tapi kalau tak keje, macam mane nak bayar rumah kan? 

So BTB yang dah apply rumah, how is your preparation like? Ade anyone of you also applying in Yishun?

Our plan after the wedding is that we will be leaving with my parents for about a year or so before we move out to our own place. My parents, as usual, lagi lah suke since he is around. My currently bedroom will prolly be the size of my masterbed room in my own home. I will kinda get use to the idea that somehow, someday I will have to leave this spacious house of mine and live in a tiny winy pigeon-hole like flats.

As simple as my current house (belongs to the parents lah kan) square feet is bigger than the 3 Generation flat that the government tgh sebok popularkan. Seriously? But on the other hand, I'm thankful that insyallah someday I will have a roof over my head, my own.

Till then.

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