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Wedding Fever: And so we've settled our bridal and catering
Be prepared for a very long and detailed post on this two company:
  • Grandeur Fai by G5 Events Pte Ltd

  • SMR by SMR Wedding and Events Pte Ltd 

Phew! At last I could find a time to blog on this two things. I know brides-to-be, you will be very very interested in this one! This can give you a rough idea - especially in terms of budget.

Let's start off with the big big one - Catering.

My big day (insyallah) - will be a one day event thing. My fiance and I will be having our majlis together because we do not want to overspend and I think it's better coz' his friends are my friends too and my friends are his friends too. So why nak buat lain-lain kan? The event will be on a Saturday - Why Saturday, because we want that one day gap to rest well and prolly who knows we might fly off for our honeymoon the next day (still considering that, thou)

We took the exclusive package which is $25,600 for 1600 pax.
Lek lek, takmo terkejot. Let me do a proper breakdown for you.

You see if you were to take for 1000 pax they will charge you at $20.00 per head.
But if you were to take for 1600 pax it will be $16.00 per head. Do you math! You'll save a lot of money - Keep in mind that this is a combined wedding thus the chances are people will be flooding your wedding and food will run out pretty fast. It's rather a be safe than sorry kind of situation.

In this exclusive package you will get the following menu:
  • Nasi Briyani
  • Nasi Putih
  • Ayam masak merah
  • Daging lembu briyani
  • Dalca sayur
  • Paceri Nenas
  • Rojak Petis 
  • Mee Hoon Goreng
  • Ikan Sweet and Sour (1600pax)
  • Daging kambing Briyani (800 pax)
They throw in lots of free gifts too!
  • Roti Kirai Station (the person will be there to kirai for you when you order) - Free Flow
  • Popcorn Station. - Free Flow
  • Goreng pisang (the person will be there to fry your banana fritters when you order) - Free Flow
  • 2 Bunga Paha
  • 1 sireh dara
  • Karaoke Entertainment (BEST! Do you know how much this will save your cost?)
  • 3-tier cake or 100 pcs cupcakes
  • 1600 pcs berkat of Ferrero Roche (3pcs) - THIS IS THE BEST. NO NEED GO JB TO BUY BERKAT!
  • 800 pcs of card jemputan (Awesome right?!)
  • Gazebo for Pelamin
  • Left and Right Tentage
worth it right?! You know why i say worth it - tentage and gazebo is given FOC. Do you know that a small tentage can cost SGD1,500 per day? Kad jemputan is FREE too! Berkat is FREE too! Calculate how much will you be saving from travelling to JB and chances are being caught by customs officer coz' not declaring goods. You'll be charged GST - in Singapore dollars lagi! 

Desserts that they will give you in this exclusive package:
  • Cold Chenteng
  • Bubur Terigu
  • Puteri Sald
  • Talam Keledek
  • Kuih Lapis
  • Kuih Lapis Kacang
  • Bingker Ubi
  • Koleh-Koleh
  • Talam sugi
  • Goreng Pisang
  • Mini doughnut (400pcs)
  • Mini Brownies (400pcs)
  • Mini Chocolate Eclair (400pcs)
  • Mini cream puff (400pcs)
  • Mini Fruit Tartlet (400pcs)
  • Marble cake
  • Chocolate cake
So this is how the dessert station will look like roughly:
picture taken with my phone at a wedding at Chai Chee Road (credit to SMR)

Fruit station will also be included
  • Watermelon
  • honeydew
  • sunkist orange
  • banana
  • grapes
Drink station (this is my favourite!)
  • Bandung
  • Coconut
  • Air Asam
  • Milo
  • Laici
  • Kathira
  • Nenas
  • Cincau
  • Limau Nipis
  • Tea "O"
  • Coffee "O"
The 10 different types of drinks (credits to SMR)

Breakfast Menu (Saturday Morning)
  • Lontong
  • Tea 'O'
Friday Night Menu - so friends who can't make it on saturday can come on the night before!
  • Nasi Putih
  • Ayam lemak cili padi
  • sambal goreng tahu tempeh
  • daging masak kicap
  • kuih lapis
  • kuih kaswi
  • Bonesteak
  • Roti
  • Tea 'O'
Wedding Decoration
  • Full Decoration with dais of 12-17ft with chandelier
  • Fresh flower - table centre piece
  • Bride and groom table with fresh flower centre piece
  • Wedding cake table
  • White chair covers with alternate ribbons
  • Buffet table
  • Ceiling decoration (scallop)
  • Red Carpet
Catering Logistic
  • Tukang cuci pinggan mangkuk (for both days)
  • Kendarat - 3 orang (friday)
  • Kendarat - 10 orang (saturday)
  • Nasi bungkus - 200 packets
Kitchen Logistic
  • 250 chairs
  • 25 pcs round table
  • 60 pcs sqaure table
  • Lightings
  • Toilet
  • Ice (for both days)
  • Khemah solat
  • Khemah masak
  • Mangkuk
  • fork and spoon
  • Kitchen equipment
  • buffet set (roller top)
  • Tissues (for both days)

Next up is the bridal - Grandeur Fai by G5 Events Pte Ltd

This is prolly the coolest thing ever - They provide you a wedding planner once you sign up. A deposit is required to block off the dates and they are very flexible in terms of payment when you wanna do installment plan basis. You can easily transfer the cash to the company account and staple the receipt to your wedding planner (they have a page where you can do that). In the wedding planner there's terms and condition that you need to read through and sign.

A few pages later they have this page where you can plan your event out properly. you breakdown - the fitting dates etc etc! Best part about Grandeur Fai is you are given to do fitting 7 times! 7 times! Last fitting is a month before you wedding and after that no more changing. No extra charges for new collection - how awesome is that!!

I feel like a dwarf standing nex to the both of them.

How i wish i can post a photo of the planner (inside) - but i understand that only G5 have this wedding planner thingy and takut-takut later other bridal copy lah plak.

Anyway the package that I took is 'Queen'. In this package they offer the following things: 
  • 3 pairs Bride's and Groom's wear
  • Makeup & Hairdo
  • Bridal Accessories Sets
  • 1 hand bouquet
  • Makeup Artist service through event (10 hours)
  • Special Request - Abg Fai Bani as makeup artist
  • Groom to keep the wedding suit (tailormade)
  • Bride free makeup trial / wedding heels 
Since Grandeur Fai prices varies in terms of the promotion that they are offering - Do check with them the current rates etc. Do come down during their Expo exhibition or Private in house exhibition to get $500 off your bridal packages.

For the package above and after discounts -
 $2418 ONLY!!!

So basically i'm left with my photographer and wedding photo booth which i will update next week.
With detailed breakdown and the total cost of my wedding.

Dear brides-to-be - it is very important that you start booking early because it will make you be very discipline in your savings and grab the best deals. Biar kiasu, janji we don't screw up our big day. 

Till then! 

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