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Wednesday, 5 February 2014 @ 03:56
Skincare Junkies: Hans Skin Care is HSA Approved
Hola, It's been a long long time since I last updated this blog. Ahhhhhh... This topic memang kena diblogkan because currently I am on my 3rd week to a flawless skincare journey with Hans Skin Care

First and foremost, This product is from Malaysia.

I don't deny that this 3 weeks are extremely difficult. I started to panic big time when I heard rumors about this product actually contains mercury. Ade lah yang cakap this product is a re-branding of Tabitha - I bet many of you heard of this brand before, it's illegal in Singapore and it's not approved by HSA due to the ingredients used, and yes this Tabitha product have mercury.

So whoever have been badmouthing on this product, I suggest you guys go put your product for test first. Prove to us(Hans Skin Care) users that ________________________ isn't a rebranding of Esther, another cosmetic that was banned by HSA late last year.

Okay enough of that, Let me share with you my journey:

Actually I was pretty skeptical when i first wanting to try Han's Skin Care - firstly because I'm not really a beauty-freak person. My facial wash can be brought over the counter-top. Secondly, my face needs to use HALAL facial wash, jangan tanya kenape, i pon tk tau! Coz if i happen to use products like Nivea or Garnier(btol tak spelling nie?) I tend to have like crazy, I repeat - crazy breakout! Thirdly, makeup does the trick for me. Any blemishes can be concealed with makeup - but the question is SAMPAI BILA?

Sampai bila kah aku harus menanti~
Sampai bila kah aku  harus menangis~
Sampai bilakah aku harus menanti dirimu~
Sampai bilakah cinta kita begini~

Okay-okay, That song just came into my head when i typed the work Sampai bila. Who knows that song? Sampai bila by Lela. Legend peeee~ Sape yang tak tau go youtube now and try dengar, confirm tau nya lah, yang adik-adik tuh.. ermmmm not too sure lah kan. Heh.

CHOPPPP! Back to the main topic. Han's Skin Care - They comes in 2 packaging:

  • Exclusive Set
  • Medium Set

What is so good about this Han's Skin Care? Actually the benefit banyak - but I'll  list down a few of the things/changes I see on myself when i started my journey with Han's Skin Care. 


LEFT - The first day when i begin my journey with Hans Skin Care.
RIGHT - Week 1 in my journey with Hans Skin Care

Okay as you can see my face on the first day was pretty horrible. You can see uneven skin tone, open pores, white head and there's like a line of black-black thing on the nose bridge (NO, NOT THE MOLE) , My dark eye circle was the most obvious one. I remember clearly when I came to work with this bare look, my colleagues and students thought I was sick. My student thought i look weird without make-up. Sedih pe dengar.

And so days passed by - on the 4th day I started having peels underneath my eyes, cheek and everywhere. It was sakit okay at first. BUT the sakit last only 2 mins when you apply the toner. The peeling macam sunburn aje.

Week 1 - Uhhhhh! See how much the skin have cleared? The dark circle underneath the eyes cleared pretty fast eh? You can see that the cheeks is slightly flushy now. The nose tkmo cakap lah, the condition really improve! 

Week 2 (refering to the bigger picture) - Condition keeps on improving but I'm still having peeling around my mouth. This is because the skin around our mouth is much more thicker. So it will take a longer time to peel. During this week, I was having my menses and ZERO pimple pop up. I couldn't contain my excitement. I should also thank my seller (Ohwellitsbelle Lamode) and (Norah Fyanda) for their constant reviews on facebook and updates on how i should not panic if there's peeling. That it's okay, it's part of the whole process. That really keeps me motivated.

Week 3 (refering to the Green T-shirt) - Was taken today. What do you think. Huge difference from day 1? Uhhhh I told you that Hans Skin Care is a miracle. There isn't any makeup or powder on the face. The face was totally bare! Can see that the skin is waaaaaaaaayyyy healthier than it was previously.

I'm going to continue this going bare face till my wedding day. 

To all BTB - Kalau nak flawless skin, try Hans Skin Care but remember if you're allergic to Placenta please avoid this product. Hans Skin Care uses Sheep Placenta(HALAL). Jangan cakap I tak bilang ehhhh.

I'm not an agent of Han's Skin Care but I'm a user myself. I'm very much satisfied with the changes that I've seen on myself. This post is my personal review on this awesome product.

Till then!

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